Ana Corrochano Ceramics

All my ceramic pieces are handmade with love and attention. They are one-of-a-kind works of art made in Cape Town, South Africa. They vary from decorative pieces to functional art, mainly inspired by nature. I constantly experiment with form, colour and different techniques, so each piece is often very different from the others.





Coming from an architectural background I have always had a passion to build things, experimenting with materials, form and texture. Finding the right proportion is a fascinating game and when I build with clay with my own hands it is almost as if the object I am creating is part of me. Somehow the ceramic pieces are alive and they have power to change my original intention along the way, to become what they are meant to be.

Nature provides the clay and many of the branches, seeds and shells I use to make the textures in my ceramics. I use different types of locally produced clay. All the pieces are fired at least twice between 1000 and 1140 degrees Celsius. Some techniques require an extra firing. Each piece is glazed or sealed individually by hand and it is absolutely unique.

I am not only inspired by Nature, but I also try to respect it by following this principle as much as possible: “Reuse, Repurpose and Recycle”. I reuse bags, various containers, fabrics and wrapping material. I repurpose tools, utensils and kitchenware, and recycle what I can no longer reuse or repurpose. This is an attempt to reduce to the minimum the waste I produce. So please don’t be surprised if you received your ceramic piece in a box that is reused or in a wrapping that is not completely new. As much as aesthetics are important, our environment is much more valuable and your ceramic piece is as unique and will bring the same amount of beauty and harmony to your home. Remember, it was made with love and packed with respect for our environment!