Croc vase

Croc vase

R1 200.00

The Croc vase has as egg shape with a curious crocodile looking inside 😉 This hand crafted vase made with cream clay has a crackle effect on the egg surface. The crocodile colours are browns and greens. Ideal as a flower vase or just decoration. Great for indoor and outdoor use.

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  • Handmade
  • One of a kind in its own special way
  • It can contain water. No drainage hole
  • Approximate size: 24cm (W) x 19cm (D) x 16cm (H)

Notes: Please note this is a completely handmade item; each one is unique and measurements are approximate. There may be slight variations from the colours shown in the images. Imperfections in the clay and glaze may occur and are part of the natural fabrication process. Careful hand washing is recommended.